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Sharing a Balm for Healthcare

We are a small business in a small community in Alabama, and we want to give back to our healthcare heroes impacted by Covid-19. Bawston & Tucker is donating 50 Free Hand Rescue Balms to our frontline healthcare workers. We are thankful for healthcare heroes like you, and we think your hands should be rescued from all that hand washing and sanitizing.

Please use the request form to enter your information to get in line for a free balm.   We will use your information to contact you via email if you are selected to receive 1 of the 50 hand rescue balms. We will not share or distribute any information collected.

If you personally want to donate a Hand Rescue Balm to a healthcare hero, you can purchase our Hand Rescue by using the shop link below and we’ll cover the shipping. BE sure to use the Free shipping code: GETFREESHIP…/p…/hand-rescue-balm-skin-1-oz

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